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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The weekend is here, which means time to update and create! I need to update many sections of the website, like the artist info i am not 24 anymore and my music taste has changed. I will work on that this weekend, also i need to add more content, most likely a section for my writtings of poems and songs... On another note I would like to make a special mention to my dearest friend, most talented artist, and host, the wonderful Thia @ Digital-Distortia & Hybrid-genesis. If you're looking for high quality resources well i Urge you to go to Hybrid-genesis and register for an Xclusive account where you will find amasing resources. If i was to pick only one place to get resources it would without a doubt be at HGX!

Latest Art

Missing piece.
Without you.
The past. Naive. Hanging in a moment Her Prise.

Alright so let me break this down for you guys, the first 4 are very recent pieces they were done last week during the Easter hollydays and the other 3 are a little older. I hope you will enjoy them as always feedback is very appreciated.


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Thank you to my dearest visitors for taking the time to visit, I really appreciate your comments : mayra, Vanessa, Keyko & my wonderful host Thia . <3


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Meliane oxo


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Wensday, April 17, 2011

Hey well look at this arent you all just so suprised! And after death there was....well not much but you know most things in life will be deceiving so get ready! lol (Note that there are still wonderful moments...) So wow it`s been forever and then some. I know a lot of you might have wondered where i have been and really its just been work work work and more work! Which i think is enough! I have still been playing in ps and illustrator but quite less to be honest time is just not my friend anymore. I do miss my Creative outlet and the arty world if any left... Please do state your existance in my tagboard lol I am glad however to have found time and courage to update this baby, this new layout was made a while back but i never got the time to upload and update it so here it is clean and simple but creative i hope! I have also been writting and i would like to integrate my songs and poems into this website at one point or another, i`m not sure how to go about it for now but i will be posting them for sure, perhaps next time i update and how i`d like to promise that will not be in 300 years from now. But i do promise i will try to keep this website up to date.

Resources: That said, as you can see I added the link resources to my menu, and yes that means tons of new goodies I have added 40 new textures feedback appreciated!!!!

Latest Art

A wish.
Easy to read.
I fall.
Our Hell. Think Twice. All my life. Reflection.

So there have been new peices of art since forever and then has happened... And here they are nothing extravagant mind you but just a few peices done now and then to occupy myself on rainy days... As always your comments and feedbacks are more then welcomed!


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Thank you for the lovely comments as always i do appreciate them a lot!


Clue : Time and time again, time isint your friend