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Well as you have surely guessed by now my name is "meliane" aka Melanie Bougie. I am a 24 years old girl living in canada, I was born in Ottawa/Ontario but I now reside in Quebec. I started to create digital art in 2003/2004 as a hobby thanks to a girl named Ilia who inspiered me to use my creative side. I then began my long journey in wich i had the chance to meet amasing artists like thia. I self tought myself with websites/coding and applications such as photoshop and illustrator. It wasen't long until i understood that this was my greatess passion. 4 years later in 2007 I decided to take a course in graphic design and gratuated first of my class in 2009. Art means everything to me, I also have another strong passion which is music and lyrics, together it gives you her enigma my very own little space of self expression. I like to think that I am a positive person and that I bring a little bit of sunshine to others around me. I am.... opened minded, out going, friendly, funny at times, patient and indecisive always looking for the fair choice, in control of my emotions & not afraid to take risks! <3


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Please note you are welcomed to add me on facebook, all i ask is that when you add me you post your website's link so I can connect the dots.



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