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Her enigma is a creative artfolio where I (Meliane) share digital pieces I make in photoshop. it has been hosted by thia @ digital-distortia.com since may 19 - 2005. The name Her Enigma comes from the fact that I question things a lot in life, I like enigmas I like the unsolved the unknown and I think that every human being is hard to figure out. So this is my enigma the question is can you figure it out?


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Email adress :: melaniebougie@gmail.com
Msn :: herenigma@hotmail.com
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You may not copy, alter, change, sale or use the digital art you see on this website for anything but personal use (as wallpaper or icon). If you do wish to use my work for any other reason and you are unsure of your rights email me at melaniebougie@gmail.com with your query. All content found on http://enigma.digital-distortia.com is copyrighted to Melanie Bougie "Meliane" all rights reserved © 2004-2008.


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Credits for this layout belong to me. The layout was hand coded in dreamweaver. For other credits regarding the pieces on this art-folio please refer to the "links" section of the site.

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