This is a collection of all the recent collage work I have done in photoshop cs2. Note that this is fan art, for fun and in no way created to offend or upset any third party. There are curently 66 collages posted in this section.

The first alley are the new works. Simply click on the pictured icons to see the pieces. I hope you enjoy looking and I would love to get your feedback so don't be shy to leave a comment on the msg board or email me. Remeber that you have no rights to use any of the collages posted here © 2003-2011 Melanie B. (Meliane), without my written agreement.


Missing piece.
Without you.
The past. Naive. Hanging in a moment Her Prise.


A wish.
Easy to read.
I fall.
Our Hell.
All my life.
All my life.
All my life.
All my life.
All my life.
Distant hearts.
The people.
Anywhere. Black Balloon. Emmene moi. These mysteries.
Too thy self be true.
Written in the sky.
Winter wonderland. Recreate. Ballroom.
Scarlett Johansson. Graphs of passion version1. Rachel Bilson Trapped. Graphs of passion version. The obvious door opens nothing.
Picturesque. A ghost Just like I imagined. North pole A simple girl. HE one year old.
Color Blind. Empty. Back to the start. Goodbye my lover. We're stuck inside our own machine. It has to be love.
Citizens of a cloudy sky. Il s'est envolé. Graphs of passion version1. Were not moving ahead. True romance left on a one way train. Pick up the peices.
So alive. Upside down. True artist identity crisis. I loved her. - Alias Affiche d'une fille.
Get away.

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